Increasing throughput with the latest vision technology for logistics and fulfillment centers

Tunnel scanning is at the forefront of technology available to optimize processes in distribution and fulfillment centers. Increasing throughput is made simpler with fast and accurate package tracking and sorting within ecommerce and logistics applications. Within a track and trace tunnel system, intelligent vision technology is essential to maintaining such a high and accurate throughput.

Higher Speed, Same Degree of Accuracy

As the demand and pressure on logistics operators to move at a higher speed than ever before continues, SICK has created a new image-based code reader that enhances tunnel systems. The Lector850 is the latest scanner in SICK’s Lector family of vision technology that will help to further boost automation and streamline package handling within logistics processes.

When used within a tunnel system, such as the ICR System that SICK offers, high-speed throughput not seen using other vision technology is possible. This is because the Lector850 can operate at higher speeds than comparable products on the market.

Though it is operating at a higher speed, the Lector850 still provides a high degree of optical performance, speed, and resolution. It provides the highest read rates and enables you to process more shipments each day.

In addition, you’ll see a great improvement in your throughput to move more boxes through the facility. This is mostly due to the ability to speed up your conveyors, moving items faster through the tunnel, even when they are placed closely together. Have small gaps on the conveyor? Not a problem with SICK’s superior tracking capabilities. This allows your packages to be closer together without causing read conflicts, giving confidence that package data is correct and reducing the mis-sort occurrences. The Lector850’s high-read frequency and broad depth of field, enables you to capture things moving more quickly.

Better Coverage, Fewer Cameras

In addition to high-speed throughput, this new code reader used within a tunnel system provides greater coverage using fewer cameras, which makes setup quicker and easier. The Lector850 offers 2.5 times more field of view with one camera. With a 12.4-megapixel resolution, this means the imager can more effectively read 1D and 2D barcodes with fewer cameras.

The depth of field of the camera is also greatly improved. Boxes running through the tunnel can be further away and still achieve the same high level of read rates. It can even accommodate larger boxes with this increased depth. This wider coverage of the conveyor allows for the use of fewer cameras, but still maintains tight resolution for the imager to read all barcodes and provide accurate package data.

Lastly, the Lector850 offers a faster image output, with the ability to stream up to 15 images per second at a resolution of 12.4-megapixels. It can also serve multiple output channels in order to support and improve OCR, stitching, and vision capabilities within your operations. Image output is also enhanced with the improved illumination offered with the camera. It provides three times more illumination than previous versions, increasing contrast and improving read rates.

Key Benefits of the Lector850:

  • Improved throughput with ability to speed up operations
  • Optical performance and speed and resolution
  • More illumination to increase contrast and improve read rates
  • Fewer cameras needed due to larger depth of field and field of view

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