Safety laser scanner for mobile applications: small mobile robots just got safer

Mobile platforms are known by many names – automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), or automated guided carts (AGCs) – but they all have one thing in common: they are becoming increasingly small. However, this technology continues to be subject to stringent requirements on safe operation. But where do you put the safety sensors as the installation space becomes increasingly tight? To solve for this problem, SICK has developed the smallest profile safety laser scanner on the market – the nanoScan3.

Technologically and in view of the many thousands of safety laser scanners already in use, SICK has been the recognized as the market leader worldwide in this area for more than 20 years. The new nanoScan3 is the most compact device in SICK’s portfolio, with the smallest sensor height available on the market today of just 80 mm. This new safety laser scanner from SICK fits into the most confined installation spaces while offering maximum performance in regards to its safety functions as well as in the generation of measurement data for precise localization and navigation support.

The nanoScan3 combines smart safety functions, for example protective fields that can be dynamically switched via encoder signals, with an excellent measurement accuracy. This guarantees, on the one hand, maximum detection reliability. It also delivers precise measurement data on the distance and direction of surrounding objects, which can be used to localize the vehicle. This makes it a multi-functional enabling technology for innovative vehicle concepts.

Compact design a decisive factor

The nanoScan3 was developed specifically for industries where automated guided vehicles of different kinds are becoming increasingly small, maneuverable and versatile. With its dimensions of just 101 x 101 x 80 mm, the 2D safety sensor is one of the smallest safety laser scanners of its kind in the market. This enables it to fit into even the most compact vehicle dimensions, for example drive-under vehicles or under pallets. This space-saving sensor can be used wherever machines and vehicles require maximum safety performance, but have minimal mounting space.

The nanoScan3 also offers a scanning angle of 275°. When mounted at diagonally opposite corners on the vehicle, this enables a horizontal 360° all around protection to be implemented. The nanoScan3 opens up additional design flexibility, thereby supporting innovative concepts for small automated guided vehicles, platforms, and carts.

Want to learn more about how the nanoScan3 can work in mobile applications? Download the Application Note!