Guarding aisles and protecting people with safety devices from SICK

The racks of the Czech high-bay shelving system manufacturer, KREDIT, move as if by magic. The technology is similar to the small, light mobile shelving units used in libraries for books or magazines with large flywheels. In the case of KREDIT, however, these are gigantic high racks that are used to store goods, often weighing as much as a ton, and move automatically.

Rather than risk anyone getting trapped between them, KREDIT has put its trust in the tried-and-proven sensor intelligence from SICK. The multiple light beam safety devices and additional through-beam photoelectric sensors from SICK guard the aisles and protect people who might find themselves in hazardous areas.

The Czech partner KREDIT manufactures mobile high-bay shelving systems and sells these all over the world. Its customers store a wide variety of goods in the shelves, from paper rolls to ice cream, from automotive spare parts to frozen foods. These racks can weigh several tons and move continuously within a warehouse. In order to provide protection, the company set out to find a competent logistics automation partner. This is done in order to protect people from the weight and size of the racks, but also to detect any feet and manned forklift trucks. Intralogistics applications from SICK offer a suitable solution for this company’s needs.

Safe passage with the deTem2 Core

The continuously reconfiguring aisles at KREDIT are protected by a deTem2 Core multiple light beam safety device. It comes in different versions with shorter or longer sensing ranges to suit the size of the warehouse. Typically, a device with a sensing range of up to 90m is installed so that larger aisles can also be monitored reliably. This can also be achieved with multi-side access protection using deflector mirrors.

The photoelectric sensor is available with two, three or even four beams and, with an operating temperature range down to -22 °F, is also suitable for use in cold storage warehouses. The compact small housing, as is already familiar from the deTec lines of sensors, makes it ideal for access protection along the racks. It is mounted and held securely in the device column supplied by SICK.

Through-beam photoelectric sensor for different heights

In addition to protecting access to the aisles, there are two other tasks that need to be continuously fulfilled. To detect the taller manned forklift trucks that also move within the aisles, and to protect the worker’s feet from ending up underneath the moving racks, several W18-3 sensors are installed at each aisle. Here, too, KREDIT is relying on tried-and-proven solutions.

Columns protect the technology

A particularly special feature of this solution from SICK, besides the safety features and the reliability of the sensors, is the mounting of the sensors on the device columns supplied by SICK. These columns from the PU3H product family, which are characterized by their high level of ruggedness and stability, protect the multiple light beam safety devices and through-beam photoelectric sensors as they perform their task of monitoring for manned forklift trucks and feet. The columns can be stably bolted onto the concrete floor to create a torsionally rigid structure that protects the devices and saves money by preventing them from being damaged.

The external grooves also provide a convenient means of mounting other accessories. In collaboration with SICK, KREDIT would like to tailor the device columns even better to its own requirements in future.

The strongest pillar, however, is surely the fruitful and close collaboration that both sides appreciate so much. And finally, the Czech partner regards the high delivery performance, the competent and collegial assistance, and the generally very good relationship with the experts at SICK as the main reasons for the successful cooperation.

“Our longstanding collaboration with SICK is more than just a business relationship – it’s a true partnership. In case of need of consultations or other technical support, the employees of SICK always provided KREDIT with maximum help, which was of high quality and fast,” said Jiří Ort, Product Manager at KREDIT. “We are looking forward to our ongoing collaboration and hope that 2020 is at least as successful as the previous years.”

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