See all of the safety light curtains capabilities to collect and communicate data from your manufacturing processes

In 1951, Dr. Erwin Sick presented the first wooden model of a light curtain at a trade fair in Munich, Germany. Since that day, the safety light curtain has become synonymous with machine safety in industries across manufacturing.

It is relied upon to protect millions of factory personnel all over the world. In 2017, OSHA reported more than 100,000 injury cases in the manufacturing industry. The lack of machine safeguarding was the main cause for these injuries. Which is why there was a need for something that had the safety light curtain capabilities.

And, although light curtains are used so frequently in the industry, the technology is not always used to its full capabilities. With advances in technology like IO-Link, safety light curtains can be used in many other functions, in addition to the typical entry/exit safety application.

With IO-Link, safety light curtains can become more than just a safety device. IO-Link gives safety light curtains the ability to communicate with other sensors as well as collect data. This data includes service data, process data, and event data. IO-Link makes safety light curtains a powerful data collection tool for both operations and maintenance personnel.

Read our white paper to learn more about how safety light curtains can enhance safety in your manufacturing processes.