In the automotive manufacturing and production industry, industrial robots work alongside humans welding and assembling parts for cars.

According to the International Federation of Robotics, in 2017, industrial robots in the automotive industry made up a third of the total in use. These robots increase the quality of work and productivity, but there are certain safety risks for humans. Worker safety is a top priority for manufacturers as robots and humans continue to cohabit the same spaces – which is why it's important to have a safety laser scanner in automotive industry.

Safety laser scanners in automotive industry are used in most facilities, as they provide continuous monitoring of hazardous areas. However, many of safety laser scanners on the market are difficult to configure, have a short detection range, and need to be frequently replaced.

The microScan3 overcomes all of these challenges. The microScan3 can be integrated into industrial networks, like CIP Safety™ via EtherNet/IP™ or PROFIsafe via PROFINET. The numerous integration options make it possible to integrate with most safety PLCs. In addition, it’s possible to communicate directly to the robot without going through a safety PLC.

With safeHDDM® technology, false trips can be eliminated as the microScan3 can maintain its field of vision even in ambient conditions. In an industrial environment, this is beneficial as it can continue to perform even in environments with dirt, dust, and ambient light.

Download the Application Note to learn more about how the microScan3 safety laser scanner in automotive industry can provide better safety coverage with fewer safety laser scanners.

Automotive Manufacturing uses SICK Safety laser scanner MicroScan3