SICK’s new Rack Fine Positioning app and InspectorP 2D vision sensor provides a more efficient method to accomplish fine positioning tasks

With automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) being used in most manufacturing and distribution facilities, many companies are looking for a more efficient way to accomplish precise fine positioning. In recent years, vision solutions have become the common solution to help complete these tasks, but many were not as precise as they could be.

Now there’s a solution available to save rack space to maximize storage capacity with high-precision positioning. With SICK’s Rack Fine Positioning, you can use a pre-configured application and a programmable 2D vision sensor, InspectorP631, to gain more accurate and effective fine positioning of stacker cranes on the x and y axis. Because the system is programmable, you gain added flexibility to accommodate your specific application.

More Precise Fine Positioning

Rack Fine Positioning is a dedicated pre-loaded app for solving fine positioning of stacker cranes or other automated storage and retrieval systems. The app works by locating pre-drilled holes or reflectors within the racks.

Two variants are available: one for single-deep racking and another for double-deep racking. Typically, double-deep racking cannot be accomplished without multiple cameras. With Rack Fine Positioning, you can gain a high level of precision in both applications, with just one camera. The large measurement range allows for double-deep racking using the same sensor for both far and close range.

InspectorP Rack Fine Positioning supports precise positioning when putting in and removing load carriers from storage. In doing so, positioning processes can be controlled both for single-deep applications, as well as combined applications with single- and double-deep racks.

The device is mounted to the ASRS. The device takes pictures when putting goods into and taking them out of storage and detects a hole or a round reflector as a positioning mark in the rack. Using this positioning mark, the device sends a deviation of the current position of the ASRS from the target position to a higher-level control (e.g. PLC), which initiates rack fine positioning of the ASRS. This prevents load carriers from colliding with the racks.

High Precision Regardless of Rack Conditions

In addition, the Rack Fine Positioning system functions well even in poor conditions. Regardless of stains, damages to holes, or extraneous lighting, the high-quality image processing available with the InspectorP631 2D vision sensor enables reliable positioning inspection even in hard-to-reach places.

Both of these systems come pre-assembled and pre-configured for easy setup out of the box with pre-focused optics and lighting. That means you don’t need a vision expert on staff to get these installed.

A fine positioning system such as this perfectly complements existing rough positioning systems to allow more efficient use of rack space. Learn more about how our Rack Fine Positioning solution can help you!