It's the middle of the summer, and it's raining buckets.  Should you worry that the rain could trigger a false alarm in your building security system?   If your system uses laser scanning technology for perimeter protection, you can relax!   Multi-echo technology and high-tech filters ensure a reliable security system, even in harsh weather conditions.

Laser Scanning for Perimeter Protection

Laser scanning technology uses the time-of-flight method.  A sensor emits a pulse that is reflected by a target, if present.  The laser scanner measures these pulse reflections to detect intrusions into a protected area.

Configured with other security tools and software, laser scanning solutions provide timely, automatic responses to a security threat. For example, laser scanners can be integrated with auto-tracking cameras that follow the intruders movements and with GPS mapping that tracks the location of a threat using GPS coordinates.

Below are the top 4 benefits of laser scanning technology for perimeter protection.

1. Invisibility

Laser scanning technology is invisible with a Class 1 Eye Safety rating, allowing for safe, inconspicuous monitoring.  This makes laser scanning a sensible choice for high traffic areas like retail applications.

2. Immunity to Weather Conditions

Thanks to multi-echo technology, laser scanning is accurate even in adverse weather conditions that impair the reliability of other solutions. With multi-echo technology, part of the energy from a pulse of the scanner may be reflected by nearby objects (like a raindrop), while the remainder of the beam is reflected by the actual object.  The laser scanner evaluates these multiple “echoes” and ignores the closer, weaker reflections, minimizing false alarms.

3. Portability

Unlike other solutions, laser scanners are portable, so they can be configured for temporary, movable perimeter protection. For example, laser scanners can be configured around the perimeter of a parked aircraft (almost like safety cones) to protect it from intrusions.

4. Ease of Use

A high quality laser scanner, like SICK's LMS laser measurement sensor family, allows for one-touch teach-in.  This lets a user set up perimeter protection literally at the touch of a button.


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