With the rise of AGVs in industrial automation, added flexibility to production flow is a growing need.

But no longer do supply chain and logistics operations need to limit their processes to just indoors. SICK’s outdoorScan3 revolutionizes the world of AGVs, allowing you to take your automation processes outdoors to connect multiple production sites.

As the first-ever outdoor certified safety laser scanner, the outdoorScan3 is certified for indoor and outdoor use with ISO 13849 and IEC/TC 62998 certifications. Meaning it’s tested and proven to work as effectively in harsh conditions as it does in ideal conditions.

The outdoorScan3 provides you the ability to safely transport goods between multiple locations on a production site with the use of outdoor AGVs. Disruptive weather influences like rain, snow, sunlight, and fog are filtered out, providing limitless potential for increasing productivity.

With SICK’s patented outdoor-safeHDDM™ technology, you can get high-precision measurement data for reliable use, even in challenging weather conditions. This data can be used for navigation and relative positioning tasks.

To learn more about the outdoorScan3, download our Application Note.

Serva Transport Systems partnered with SICK to create autonomous transport robots for the factory of the future. EVE is an automated solution for production processes that uses the outdoorScan3 to go indoors and outdoors.