The VMS4300-VDS improves sortation of non-conveyables in a non-singulated flow with touching/side-by-side functionality

The logistics industry requires reliable and accurate dimensioning of objects in retail and warehousing, storage, conveyor, and intralogistics applications. Accurate measurements are required for incoming and outgoing goods, material handling, billing, and storage processes.

With the many challenges of the logistics industry, the variable dimensioning system the VMS4300-VDS enables the dynamic, non-contact inline measurement of nearly any object shape. In addition, the system processes the acquired data and transmits it for further handling or billing to optimize process efficiency. The system identifies the barcode, dimensions, and picture of every item that goes through the system.

 Bulk Stream Measurement

First, the VMS4300-VDS from SICK uses a dynamic scale value to offer higher measurement accuracy even for side-by-side or touching objects. It offers dimensioning of a bulk stream as well as an increased dimensioning rate due to a dynamic scale value switchover. This offers precise invoicing due to reliable measurement accuracy and optimizes material throughput.

Then, the side-by-side/touching functionality uses inline detection and measurement of touching objects for increased system utilization. Singulation or separating object is no longer required, they can be side by side and touching on the conveyor belt and still receive fast and efficient dimensioning. The reliable object data forms the basis for exact calculation of freight costs or freight costs can be validated and incorrectly declared goods can be correctly recalculated.

Capacity for Billing

The product is equipped with a 2D LiDAR sensor system that uses the continuous wave method for dimensioning. The product sends out a continuous wave that is detected by a receiver to measure distance. This method obtains the highest resolution possible when dimensioning objects and provides raw measurement data as an output to be used for further handling or invoicing. The system is certified for the European market according to the measuring instruments directive and for the American market in accordance with NTEP.

Additionally, the VMS4300-VDS provides non-contact inline measurement of nearly any object shape. It measures precise dimensioning from 50 mm x 50 mm x 20 mm with object sizes up to 5,500 mm x 1,600 mm x 1,250 mm. Flat objects such as book and letter deliveries with a height of at least 20 mm can be measured for billing purposes. It also provides quality inspection of all six sides of moving cubic objects.

Logistics solution

Overall, the VMS4300-VDS optimizes material handling processes, material flow, and the use of vehicle and storage capacities. It increases system availability and offers flexible and individual software customization despite anti-tamper protection. This product obtains reliable measurements as well as processes the data and transmits it for further handling. The functionality of dynamic, non-contact inline dimensioning and invoicing makes the VMS4300-VDS a clear solution for logistics processes.

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