SICK supports customers in building up expertise in Industry 4.0 with digital learning services

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, a digital transformation otherwise known as Industry 4.0. For some companies, this will be a daunting time, and few are in the right position to take advantage of these upcoming opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it evident just how much digitization has occurred in our lives. Things that were unthinkable just a decade ago, such as digital learning, are becoming the norm across industries.

With new learning modules on the topic of Industry 4.0, SICK is supporting its customers in building up the necessary competency and know-how in this area and enabling customers to achieve quick benefits with minimal effort.

Renewed Emphasis on Lifelong Learning

In its new 2020 Industry 4.0 study, The Fourth Industrial Revolution: At the intersection of readiness and responsibility, Deloitte notes the growing importance of providing lifelong learning to employees.

In the study, around 2,000 C-level managers from 19 countries were surveyed, on the topic of skills for Industry 4.0. Seventy four percent of the CxOs regard lifelong learning, and the associated advancement and further training of employees, as increasingly important and the highest priority for investment. Fifty nine percent are willing to invest in order to gain a better understanding of what skills will be required within their company in future for Industry 4.0.

The SICK Mindset on Industry 4.0

To meet this demand, Marcus Neubronner, Head of Sensor Intelligence Academy at SICK AG, and his team are currently developing training to assist SICK customers in building up their competency and know-how around Industry 4.0. This training combines content with a variety of didactic methods.

“We currently find ourselves in a dynamic period. We are exploring many exciting aspects of digitalization and Industry 4.0 that will change the way we work in future. This is going to affect both us and our customers,” said Neubronner. “Internally, we need to build up new competencies to develop our digital business model. Our customers are at the forefront of our minds; we want to pick them up and accompany them in their digital transformation.”

For example, the web-based “Integration Solution Basics” foundation course that is offered to employees and customers consists of five modules. Free guest access allows people to try the first module before moving forward.

In addition to courses, SICK is also providing webinars from several disciplines, so employees and customers have a change to engage with different experts around the world. Neubronner recommends looking beyond the borders of one's own country and looking at the offerings of various SICK country representatives.

“After all, our digital learning opportunities are almost limitless,” said Neubronner.

Is the Industry Ready for Digitalization?

Bernhard Müller, Senior Vice President of Industry 4.0 at SICK AG, is also considering how competitors are readying themselves for Industry 4.0.

“Many have understood that something is going to happen… they just might not grasp exactly what yet,” said Müller.

Müller’s intuition was confirmed by the Deloitte 2020 Industry 4.0 study. Only 10 percent of the people surveyed worldwide indicated that their company is pursuing a comprehensive Industry 4.0 strategy. Two thirds of global companies currently either have no defined Industry 4.0 strategy (21%) or are adopting an ad-hoc approach only (47%).

Müller believes a structured approach is the best course of action.

“If we want to further digitize processes and structures, we all need to change our behavior and our way of working,” said Müller. “This hurdle seems insurmountable at present, but we need to overcome it to continue to stay ahead of the pack.”

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