A new port in California is one of several global service hubs offering SICK services to support the continued safety and operation of the maritime industry

Seafaring is challenging. Short berthing times in ports, ship crew changeovers, and the wide range of tasks on board are placing increasing demands on the crew. To ensure the on-board personnel are not left unsupported in the event of exceptional incidents and because the failure of even a single component in a ship’s system can have far-reaching consequences, SICK offers support. To alleviate some of these challenges, SICK established global maritime service hubs providing measurement technology, spare parts supply, and a comprehensive range of services such as predictive maintenance, CEMS certification, training, and fast access to relevant information.

The creation of SICK’s Gold and Silver Ports are an answer to meet the global needs of its customers, with the newest fully operational port in Long Beach, CA.

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Gold and Silver Ports

These Gold and Silver ports serve as service hubs along the main shipping routes across the globe. At these ports, qualified staff from SICK and its partners are available to assist with predictive maintenance, technical support, or other services related to measurement technology.

“A SICK Gold Port is designed with the customer in mind,” said Shawn Farley, Director of Services for SICK USA. “When a customer has a service contract with SICK, they receive service, predictive maintenance, or compliance certifications performed on their MARSIC Analyzer at any SICK Gold Port. Any service task performed at a Gold Port will receive the highest level and quality regardless of which port location is used.”

These ports offer on-site support for the customer. The Gold port promises service within 24 hours and a Silver port promises service within 5 working days. Spare parts, gases, and tools are available at the port, and in a worst-case scenario, all modules (analyzer modules, cuvettes, and electronics units) are available. These ports offer customers a maintenance package without variable costs that includes travel and tools, and proactive planning of maintenance by SICK, and excludes the cost of consumables and gases. Both the maintenance package and troubleshooting are available. A customer can choose to join a service contract with SICK to receive these benefits.

SICK Gold and Silver Ports are being strategically positioned at the heaviest marine traffic locations in the world and will continue expanding to best serve customers,” Farley said. “When performing service in a SICK Gold Port, customers can count on highly competent technicians and service to be performed in the shortest possible time after the request.”

The remaining global ports are in the process of becoming fully operational, with many projected to be at 100% capacity in 2023.

Long Beach Gold Port Operations Overview

The new Gold Port in Long Beach has two excellent service technicians local to southern California available to meet the 24-hour service guarantee. Additionally, for this port, SICK has integrated its first official service vehicle, which is stored with critical inventory items.

When service is ordered, a local tech picks up the service vehicle and necessary inventory items to complete the task, then travels directly to the port. This vehicle is equipped for safe transportation of compressed gases to ensure both the safety of the Tech and the materials on the way to the port. Once the tech arrives, the requested service is completed.

The Gold Port is now fully operational, and SICK is prepared to serve the maritime industry in a new way. This step will continue to keep customers safe not just in Long Beach, CA, but on a global scale.

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