Flexi Compact' safety controller's response time between controller modules is ideal for many different safety applications 

Flexi Compact utilizes EtherCAT backplane communication to provide faster response times and to ensure efficient machine operation. This safety controller has cutting edge, high-speed technology that reduces a safety response to just 4.5 milliseconds. This shortened shut-off decision response optimizes safety distances so that protective devices can be installed closer to your machine. Installation footprints decrease and at the same time, production capacity increases. Flexi compact will support your compact machine design while also guaranteeing high level safety and productivity.

Easy-to-use flexibility

The Flexi Compact safety controller offers improved usability in several areas. Its modular hardware platform enables flexible integration for your specific application needs. Whatever your system demands, Flexi Compact can be adapted or extended with expansions ranging up to 12 modules. Furthermore, its application-optimized slim housing saves space in a control cabinet. Flexi compact includes streamline wiring and coded removable plugs for fool-proof and efficient wiring.

Our free Safety Designer engineering tool guarantees quick configuration. It’s hardware and logic assembly are made easy via drag and drop with intuitive symbolling. This program can readily derive a report, for any application, including a detailed wiring plan, configuration details and diagnostics.

When Flexi Compact is used in combination with Flexi Loop safe series connection, wiring is reduced, diagnostic capabilities increase, and the risk of fault masking is eliminated. The new Flexi Compact is guaranteed to be a cost-efficient, time saving solution for your safety systems.

Safeguarding a machine with 32 doors will force you to end up running wires from each door switch back to their controller. This equates to 64 safe inputs whereas, the Flexi Compact Flexi Loop series connection can reduce this to just 2 safe inputs. This saves extra wiring, time, and space, as well as the purchasing of additional expansion modules.

Intelligent real-time diagnostics

We know that troubleshooting amid production demands can cost significant and valuable time and money. Fortunately, Flexi compact can evaluate and localize faults both quickly and effectively. It’s intelligent diagnostic functions can read application-specific diagnostic data in real time to be available for condition monitoring. Evaluations of sensor information for predictive maintenance are also available more quickly. In this way, the Flexi Compact is guaranteed to minimize downtimes and production outages.

Safety for all kinds of applications

The trend towards miniaturization in machine building is leading to an increased demand for space saving safety controllers. Flexi Compact is being employed, amongst other things, in compact systems, on robots, and in packaging machines for this reason.

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