LOVE FIELD CONVEYORDallas Love Field (DAL) Airport is preparing for the future.

As one of the major airports in Texas, millions of pieces of baggage are checked and handled every year. DAL invested in a new baggage handling system in anticipation of an increase in passenger traffic. The airport looked to SICK, Inc. to provide a solution.

In 2014, the Wright Amendment expired, allowing airlines to fly from DAL to any city in America. This caused a large increase in passengers and luggage and created a need for a more efficient baggage handling system.

Looking to ease congestion in its Checked Baggage Resolution Area (CBRA), DAL installed mobile inspection tables and new infrastructure for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) throughout its baggage handling system.

The new RFID infrastructure provides a steady foundation to meet the new International Air Transport Association Resolution 753, which states airlines must track baggage at four key points: passenger handover to the carrier, landing to the aircraft, delivery to the transfer area, and return to the passenger.

RFID is quickly gaining ground as the leading method of automatic identification in logistics automation as companies come under more pressure from customers to always know the location of their baggage. Once fully operational, DAL will be able to track customers bags from the baggage drop off to when the customer picks up their baggage from the luggage carousel.

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