When it comes to metal closures in packaging, nothing can be left to chance.

In products such as jam jars, the consumer goods industry requires seals to be tight and jars to be hermetically sealed and a strong eye for detail. Anyone who makes their own jam will know that a small indentation in the lid is the key to creating the perfect vacuum. However, this small feature is difficult to identify by eye in industrial production contexts involving high numbers of parts and high speeds. 3D vision sensor systems can help keep consumers safe and product from being damaged.

Fynbo Foods A/S, a leading Danish manufacturer of jams, preserves, and fruit spreads, uses the SICK TriSpector1000 3D vision sensor on its Vraa production lines to check the integrity of seals. As a manufacturer for the organic and fair markets, Fynbo Foods stands for healthy, sustainable products that conform to high standards of quality.

That was why the company needed to find a reliable inspection solution for quality inspections on its sealed jars. Once the jam has been successfully pasteurized, the lid has a small indentation as a result of the vacuum created in the process. If pasteurization goes wrong, on the other hand, the lid will have a slight bulge. Only tight lids can prevent pressure compensation from taking place. The TriSpector’s 3D vision sensors role is to identify any minor deviations in the lid surface.

The TriSpector1000 inspects two jars each second; faulty goods are then ejected from the process. “We tested out a range of other solutions. The TriSpector is the only one that is able to do the job perfectly. What’s more, it’s easy to use – when I installed additional devices, I was able to simply copy across the configuration,” explains Jesper Juul Nielsen, an electrician at Fynbo Foods.