Advanced technology for how to keep robotics safe and automation in warehouses and DCs

Working in a warehouse or fulfillment center? It’s no doubt your work environment is changing, as your coworkers may not all be…well, human. With unprecedented demands amidst a tricky labor shortage, warehouse and fulfillment centers alike need to free up more working hours for their human employees. Bringing a new challenge to the industry: figuring out how to keep robotics safe. In doing so, this allows them to focus on more important tasks while robots can take over the repetitive and mundane labor.

More working hours, higher productivity, and increased efficiency? That sounds great! But integrating robots isn’t a set it and forget it sort of deal, or a “one size fits all” kind of operation. Safety is still as important as ever, even when your labor source doesn’t have a pulse. It needs to be at the forefront of any automation efforts, and this will look different for every company.

But no matter what your company looks like, it’s safe to say that every business is looking to improve operational throughput, maximize fulfillment efficiencies, and meet customers’ ever-changing demands. And you can do just that with robots that are mindfully placed and safely working alongside humans.

So what kind of research should you be doing to ensure you have the right safety solution for your operations? Our playbook is the perfect research guide so you can ace your safety solutions assignment. Here are the 10 steps smart companies are taking to help reduce risk, improve safety, and increase operational throughput.

Our playbook covers content ranging from:

  1. The importance of putting safety first
  2. What to look for in a safety solutions provider
  3. How to ensure ongoing maintenance and support

Download our playbook for steps to ensure employees stay safe when working closely with robots to improve operational throughput, maximize fulfillment efficiencies and meet customers’ ever-changing demands.