Do you even customize? SICK’s sensor customization program tailors solutions to your specifications

SICK strives to create the best solution possible for our customers. Sensor intelligence, independence, innovation, and leadership are the core elements of our identity, and we want to imbue these same elements into our customers’ solutions.

This is why we’re introducing Sensors+*, a program built to meet our customers’ specific needs with the basic essentials of customization. A lot of our sensors can be more adaptable to customers’ applications with just a few adjustments, like connectivity, mounting, labeling, and kitting.

Connectivity Options

SICK offers customization options for the cable or connector used in sensor solutions. This allows customers to integrate the sensors seamlessly into their existing systems or infrastructure. By providing various cable lengths, shielding, and sheathing types, or custom connector options, we can accommodate nearly any connectivity need to ensure maximum compatibility.

Mounting Options

Custom bracketing allows for simpler sensor installation. Customers may have unique mounting situations, space constraints, or a competitor’s sensors, and a purpose-built mount ensures optimal positioning and alignment right out of the box. This enables easier installation and integration into your machinery or equipment.

Labeling Options

We also offer custom product labeling to incorporate your branding or logo. If you’re an OEM customer, this can be particularly relevant for your applications, as you may want to maintain your brand identity on the sensors or systems you supply to end users. Custom labeling can enhance brand visibility and recognition while maintaining a cohesive product appearance.

Kitting Options

Kitting involves bundling multiple components or products together as a single kit. SICK offers kitting options when customers require multiple sensors or related components to be packaged together for the convenience of ordering with a single part number. This simplifies the procurement process and ensures that all the necessary items are provided in one package, which reduces logistics complexity and material waste, and streamlines installation.

Quick sensor customizations

While SICK offers customizations across our wide-ranging portfolio, we’re able to get certain customizations out the door at a faster rate. Want to see what products are available for speedy customizations? Browse here!

To learn more about Sensors+, fill out our customization form, or reach out to your local SICK sales representative.

*Disclaimer: The extent of customization options available under the Sensors+ program may vary depending on the specific product lines and models offered by SICK. Additionally, customizations may be subject to feasibility, minimum order quantities, or additional costs. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on how SICK utilizes these customization options, please contact your local sales rep or reach out to