SICK has led the automation industry through a changing landscape for more than 70 years. As the face of material handling changes once again, our broad product portfolio and vast experience has never been more valuable to our customers than it is today, especially in the area of logistics and supply chain. Consumer buying habits, driven by increasing choice and consumption options, are rapidly changing the way retailers and shippers must respond to purchasing demands. Add to that, Industry 4.0 which is changing the way all supply stakeholders view operation’s flexibility, quality, and resource optimization, and you’ve got change at an unprecedented level. At SICK, Sensor Intelligence is a 
deliberate response to those changing market dynamics that we anticipated years ago. Because of that foresight, SICK is uniquely positioned to provide the technology, expertise, and support necessary to navigate these changing times.

Our leading technologies are a reflection of the need for superior advancements in sensing 
platforms… from smart sensors for presence detection, distance 
measurement, and safeguarding work areas, to our best-in-class 
image-based and RFID automatic identification systems that track and trace objects safely and accurately through the supply chain into the hands of the consumer. SICK is the world leader in solutions that 
increase productivity for higher customer satisfaction and a strong 
bottom line. In fact, our portfolio is large enough, in almost all cases, to offer a choice of technologies that ensure we match the best solution to every application. We never force fit a one size fits all solution and we always look forward so you can be sure your solution is future proof in anticipation of even better performing solutions that lie ahead with Industry 4.0.

Of course, without matching world-class service and support, your return on investment could be jeopardized. So why risk your project to a supplier that doesn’t know your business? SICK knows your business and is proud to offer both global support networks for the world’s largest users as well as local support regardless of project scope that is second to none in terms of responsiveness, expertise, and know-how. You can count on SICK to understand your challenges and respond with the service and support you expect from the worldwide leader in sensing solutions. Our expert support includes dedicated project management resources, expert field service personnel, product and application support staff, and professional technical and commercial support. Who can match that?

Find out why SICK Sensor Intelligence is more than just a tagline. We’re a trusted partner equipped with the solutions and 
service to serve you for life. We think that’s intelligent.