Featuring Nick Longworth, Senior Robotics Engineer

Vision-guided robots enable manufacturers to automate processes that can be time consuming for a human worker to perform. By using vision technology, these robots gain “eyes,” which provides added flexibility in the production process. One such process is bin picking, which can be automated using a vision-guided robot like SICK’s PLB.

The PLB is used for the high-precision localization of parts randomly oriented in bins or boxes. Using a high-quality 3D camera, this vision-guided robot can locate the part, regardless of orientation, and provide pick coordinates to the robot. With advanced CAD-matching software, the software matches the CAD model of a part to the 3D image it takes and the part is then picked by the robot.

In this video series, we’ll highlight how SICK is contributing to the industrial robot revolution happening currently throughout the manufacturing industry with vision-guided robots. Check out the first part of our series with this short video featuring Nick Longworth, Senior Robotics Engineer with SICK, demonstrating the PLB in action with the connecting rod application!

Enter the PLB Challenge

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