The newest 3D vision product provides high-speed 3D inspection for accurate quality control

The electronics industry is growing ever more complex and board manufacturers are expected to handle this complexity with quick, reliable, and economical production – while maintaining the lowest possible failure rates. This “have it all” mentality has manufacturers scrambling for new methods to drive down production costs, scrap rates, as well as costly rework.

For years companies have relied on Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and Metrology systems exclusively to ensure board production quality. These systems are great, but often times they are too cost prohibitive to have multiple systems preventing multiple quality inspections throughout the production process. Often only a singular inspection of an electrical assembly will occur at the end of the manufacturing process meaning that mid-process production errors are causing massive waste of nearly finished product.

SICK’s newest 3D vision product, the Ruler3000, provides high-speed 3D inspection for printed circuit boards (PCBs), electrical assemblies, and other assembled devices in at nearly a quarter of the cost of other AOI.

This balance of performance and price point is designed to allow manufacturers to use multiple cameras through the production process for increased defect detection to improve the overall manufacturing process.

Ruler3000 – High Performance 3D Vision Camera

The new generation Ruler3000 3D camera should be the number one choice for electronic manufacturers looking to complement existing AOI and Metrology inspection processes. This factory-calibrated hardware provides accurate Z-height measurement down to 3 µm regardless of material contrast or color.

The Ruler3000 utilizes a unique 3D CMOS sensor from SICK tailored for superior image processing consistent measurement and is GigE Vision and GenICam compliant to ensures cost effective integration.

So what makes the Ruler 3000 so great for electronics production?

The Ruler3000 provides high-speed 3D inspection agnostic to lighting challenges at an affordable price point. This combination allows manufacturers to greatly increase their quality monitoring process for simple presence/absence detection, assembly verification, weld seam inspection, and other processes at a fraction of the cost of adding additional AOI systems.

In closing, the Ruler3000 isn’t the secret to solving all the whoa surrounding complex PCB and assembly production. It is however the perfect complement to any existing AOI or Metrology inspection system to provide additional mid-process quality inspection to drive down scrap and rework rates. If utilized correctly, the Ruler3000 is your first step to increasing productivity and overall profitability of your manufacturing process.

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