There are a number of safety and security threats at airports.

Most airports maintain such a high level of security, but there’s always a small chance that something could go wrong by not having proper security installed at key access points. It's also important to consider baggage handling security as well.

In recent news, a toddler climbed onto a conveyor at a US airport and took a wild five minute ride. He first jumped onto the conveyor near the baggage drop counter, riding it to the baggage handling station where a worker discovered him. Luckily, he only had a very minor injury of a broken hand, but it could have been much worse.

Drives, hatches, and baggage sorter systems can pose a significant danger to people, especially small children, who unintentionally or intentionally try to breach the barrier between public and restricted space at the airport. And since baggage drop areas are often not fully protected, this leaves a major vulnerability for curious children to take a ride or for other potential security threats.

SICK has a solution that can help airports maintain safety and security in baggage handling areas. The Safe Bag Drop solution combines a safety laser scanner and a safety controller into one system to detect any object that is not recognized as luggage. This ensures passenger and airport safety and prevents incidents like the one previously described.

Read our Application Note to see how the Safe Bag Drop solution from SICK could help keep your airport safe.