Automotive part suppliers can gain reliable identification of Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes

Reliable detection of Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes is essential to effectively track and trace products and continue to meet production demands in the automotive parts industry. But there are some challenges associated with this, including hard-to-read codes and consistency in readability.

Having a single-source supplier of handheld DMP code readers and image-based code readers for the identification of DPM codes can help you to achieve the highest read rates. This enables you to track all products throughout the production process using only one valued supplier.

SICK offers products like the ZS36x8 DPM mobile handheld scanner. It can quickly detect all DPM, 1D, and 2D codes, even with the most challenging of marks. It has the ability to capture marks on reflective, irregular, or curved surfaces and even ones with low or high contrast. As a whole, this versatile product gives you the ability to dramatically increase your read rates to better track products throughout the production process.

In addition, the Lector61x is a small image-based code reader that provides reliable detection of 1D, 2D, and stacked codes. Its excellent reading properties for small codes, regardless of surface quality or material quality, provides a competitive advantage.

Both of these powerful DPM code readers work well for tracking and tracing a number of different products in the automotive parts production process, including engine blocks, electronic components, tubing, molded parts, and PC boards.

With the introduction of newer and better technology, automotive part suppliers have evolved how to mark parts for track and trace. SICK is evolving with them to provide top-notch code readers to track products through the process all while using only one supplier.

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