Chinese startup uses safety laser scanners for navigation on mobile robots to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic by disinfecting with UV light

What do safety laser scanners, UV light, and disinfection all have in common? They can all be used to fight the global Coronavirus pandemic. UV light can be damaging for human skin and eyes, which is why we wear sunglasses and sunscreen during the summer months to protect from it. But UV light is also incredibly effective at destroying virus cells on surfaces.

While the hunt is on globally to find solutions for stopping the pandemic and possibly developing a vaccine, UV light is being employed more and more often for disinfecting surfaces and rooms. Companies all around the world are working on mobile surface disinfection solutions utilizing UV light.

The Chinese start-up, Youibot, has entered the race with their disinfection robot, dubbed ARIS-K2 Virus Killing Robot. They selected the nanoScan3 from SICK to help it navigate rooms because the product is a tried-and-proven solution for controlling mobile platforms and it functions well in tight spaces and on small AGVs

Mobile Disinfection, Multiple Functions

The ease-of-use of the Safety Designer configuration software and intelligent integration options in the nanoScan3 made it a huge plus for Youibot. Because the nanoScan3 is SICK’s smallest safety laser scanner, it is perfectly suited for the protection and localization of mobile platforms, especially smaller mobile robots.

In addition to the UV lamps, ARIS-K2 is also equipped with a thermal camera. This enables it to perform different functions based on time of day. During daylight hours, the robot checks the body temperature of passers-by. During the night, ARIS-K2 uses its vertically-mounted lamps to disinfect.

“Its main applications include shopping centers, manufacturing plants, and any area where lots of people come together,” said Benny Liu, Senior Product Manager at SICK China.

This robot has already been deployed in factories, airports, and a hospital. The UV light it shines offers a true ray of hope for the end of this global pandemic. With the nanoScan3 onboard, the ARIS-K2 will always navigate safely while doing so.

“We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to support Youibot in implementing this robot in such a short time. Using our nanoScan3, it is certain to navigate around safely on its disinfection rounds,” Liu said.

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