The key to success in logistics operations ultimately comes down to moving the right items to the right customers quickly and efficiently.

However, with an ever-changing industry, eCommerce success can be a challenge. With industry trends like smaller, more frequent orders and an increase in polybags and irregular-shaped packages, this drives a need for smart, digitized sorting and tracking. SICK’s intelligent, vision-based sortation and tracking systems is one way to increase productivity and enable greater control of your production and distribution processes.

SICK is a global provider of intelligent industrial sensors, including vision-based bar code readers that capture and digitize information to help optimize production, especially for flow of products on conveyors, sorters, and automated storage systems. In addition, SICK has a solution for detecting irregularly-shaped objects, like polybags, on conveyors so you can ensure your operations remain productive.

Our intelligent vision and sensing portfolio addresses multiple functions, including:

  • Investigating the cause of no-read events
  • Providing a visual record of package condition
  • Ensuring equipment is working correctly
  • Providing high-resolution images of labels and bar codes
  • Rapid identification of damaged goods or difficult to convey/handle products
  • Integrated dimensioning and weighing

Vision gives you that bigger, two-dimensional field of view that takes into account different variables that can impact being able to capture the information you need,”

—Tom Wik, SICK’s National Product Manager, Vision & Identification

With our large product portfolio, we have a solution that can help ease a major pain point in your industry. Our Industry-4.0-ready solutions drive improvement.