Need a safety laser scanner? See if the microScan3 or nanoScan3 works better for you!

Whether mobile or stationary, for area protection or access protection – SICK’s comprehensive Safety Laser Scanner portfolio offers a cost-effective package for every requirement and task. The compact systems scan their surroundings and measure distances by using the time-of-flight principle of measurement. The integrated rotating mirror creates a two-dimensional scan for monitoring freely defined, software configurable protection areas.

Safety laser scanners are complex devices with a rich history. With the vast number of choices in the market in regards to range, connectivity, size, and robustness, there are many variables to consider when designing a safety solution using scanners.

But how do you know exactly what safety laser scanner is right for your application? In the infographic below we’ve provided an in-depth look at two of SICK’s most advanced and comprehensive safety laser scanners – the microScan3 and nanoScan3.

The microScan3 is built for the protection of stationary and mobile applications, from simple to complex. With its innovative safeHDDM scanning technology, it is highly resistant to dirt, dust, and ambient light. In addition, it is highly practical as it is not affected by additional laser scanners or other infrared sources. It also performs well in applications requiring simultaneous protection of several hazardous areas.

The nanoScan3 is the world’s smallest profile safety laser scanner on the market. Its space-saving design works perfectly in mobile robotics applications, but also in stationary applications where space is limited. It delivers high-precision measurement data and is extremely resisitant to light, dust, or dirt. It also has the highest level of flexibility with up to 128 freely configurable fields and monitoring cases.

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