In 2015, the young Danish company Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) introduced the German market to the MiR100, an automated guided cart (AGC) that works like clockwork. Built-in S300 safety laser scanners, 3D cameras, and ultrasound ensure that the robot stops automatically as soon as it encounters a person or a static object.

MiR100 is a user-friendly, efficient, automated guided cart (AGC) which aids the automation of internal transport and logistics solutions. It optimizes work processes and frees up staff resources, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs. Its technology is able to scan the movement range and surroundings automatically and import 3D plans of the building.

Tablet with software to control AGC robotThe small, four-wheeled transporter can carry 100 kg or pull loads of 300 kg and transport them through the building. It can be programmed quickly via an app. Using a smartphone as a remote control, it can investigate new terrain; this data can then be used to create a map on the phone with a simple tap. The MiR100 is easy to use and can be controlled using a tablet, cell phone, or PC.  A built-in computer creates a map of the surroundings and sensors are constantly reading the location of the MiR100. As soon as it detects an obstacle, it automatically swerves or stops. This is made possible by two scanners and a 3D camera.

SICK's safety laser scanner S300

With a scanning angle of 270°, the S300 compact safety laser scanners from SICK ensure all-round surveillance. Multiple protective fields that offer flexible configuration options are especially important in applications that use small, mobile robots – and the 16 freely configurable protective fields offered by the S300 allow flexible adaptation to a range of traveling situations and environmental conditions. Mobile robotics also require sensors that are as compact and rugged as possible and have to consider the amount of energy that components consume. Its efficient design with a typical power consumption of just 6 W means that the S300 offers the right technical credentials in this respect too, making it a key component in the solution. Thanks to the EFI interface, S300 safety laser scanners can be integrated into different networks via gateways – ensuring secure SICK device communication. This includes both communication between different robots and between robots and other components within networked production systems.

The MiR100 mobile robot from Mobile Industrial Robots was developed for applications in the fields of logistics, production, and healthcare. It has already become a popular colleague in hospitals, laboratories, and sorting offices, where it pulls loads back and forth and reduces long transport distances while always remaining courteous – if it detects a person or an obstacle, it responds naturally by braking or swerving out of the way.