Safety laser scanner technology enables mobile robots to navigate work environment safely

It is no longer enough to automate single processes and individual production steps. Modern production and logistics facilities need the efficiency that comes from holistic solutions – and take the entire facility into account. And holistic solutions require more collaborative projects like those between HIKROBOT and SICK.

As global manufacturer, HIKROBOT has a wide range of products that cover multiple types of robots and self-developed software platforms. You will find their robots working in industries ranging from food and beverage, consumer electronics, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. Thanks to SICK’s safety laser scanner nanoScan3, these robots can navigate all types of these environments safely.

High-precision mapping software for safe mobile robot navigation

Much like a new employee, a mobile robot must also become familiar with the area it works in. Using the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) method, the robot drives through the work area and uploads data from the SICK safety laser scanner nanoScan3 to a mapping software. Once the map has been finalized, it is downloaded to the robot’s control board and used by the robot to establish the virtual roads that will guide it through the work area. To ensure optimal operation, the robot carries out tests to ensure that the area is properly mapped so it can run smoothly.

The nanoScan3 functions as the eyes of the robot, guiding it to its various destinations. Thanks to the safeHDDM® scan technology, it is extremely resistant to ambient light, dust, or dirt and consistently delivers reliable, high-precision measurement data. That means that during a busy industrial workday, when the robot faces fine particles from production or harsh, high-frequency lighting, the robot will continue to operate smoothly. That is a great boost to productivity – and can also reduce implementation costs by virtually eliminating the need to invest in very clean or dust-free working environments.

The nanoScan3’s environmental perception capabilities enable the robot to deal with complicated surroundings. In addition, real-time scanning protects both the robot and the environment it is in. The robot is immediately able to recognize and manage unexpected situations, such as dropped goods on the shop floor or people crossing through the aisles.

Collaboration on advanced safety technology paves the way ahead

The partnership between HIKROBOT and SICK shows how advanced safety technology can pave the way for operational efficiencies. The small dimensions of the nanoScan3 make it easy to integrate the device into compact robots. And the advanced technology of this safety laser scanner enables HIKROBOT to produce easy to use, cost-effective solutions.

To date, HIKROBOT has already provided robotic solutions and products to over 1000 customers all over the world. Its customers include such companies as DHL, FAW-Volkswagen, Superdry, and A Perry.

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