10 Things to Know About SICK AppSpace


Apps are not just for your smart phone. Now you can use apps for your industrial applications needs. Manufacturing process are continuous

ly evolving. The era of mass manufacturing has transitioned into mass customization and the key to success is flexibility. This has led to several changes in the current manufacturing applications including greater diversity, a higher degree of customization, and growing level of complexity.

With these ever-changing and growing trends one remains constant: the need for ease of use of all applications! To allow manufacturers to remain efficient and effective, SICK has created an engineering framework called SICK AppSpace that provides users to a more flexible environment by developing their own SensorApps using SICK AppSpace Ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of SICK AppSpace Software Tools, SICK Programmable Devices, and a rich community of developers.

SICK AppSpace developers can customize any SICK Technology from machine vision, LiDAR, or RFID to create tailored applications that meets their precise specifications. Customers can also use ready-made apps that are developed by SICK or its partners.

Here are 10 things about SICK AppSpace ecosystem that will allow you to design, develop and deploy your own Apps!

1. It is one eco-system for all sensor technologies, including, but not limited to, machine vision.

AppSpace is an eco-system for you to develop individualized SensorApps for your sensors, either alone or together with SICK experts.

2. It supports multiple industrial protocols.

SICK AppEngine supports all major protocols including Ethernet/IP, Profinet, TCP/IP, IO-Link, MQTT, and many more.

3. It enables anyone to easily enhance existing solutions or create new ones tailored to your specific applications.

SICK’s existing solutions for track and trace, positioning tasks, robot guidance systems, or quality control can be adapted to your individual needs. Completely new SensorApps can also be created in line with your requirements and tailored to your systems. SICK AppSpace provides assistance with a range of devices and technologies, such as 2D vision, 3D vision, LiDAR, RFID, or integration products.

4. It provides an engineering framework to design and operate sensor applications.

AppSpace provides you the framework needed to design your own SensorApps. If you have programming skills, SICK AppSpace works for all applications and all technologies. It even includes a dynamic community of developers for support.

5. It’s accessible for non-programming users through SensorApp UIs and graphical application modeling.

If you don’t have a programming background, you can take advantage of already created apps available for download and use on a number of SICK sensors. These SensorApps make it easier for you to get completely configurable 2D and 3D vision solutions to improve your processes.

6. It allows you to focus on solving applications while SICK maintains hardware and API lifecycle.

There’s no need to worry about the hardware and API lifecycle any longer. SICK handles all these details so you can focus on finding and creating the best solution for your challenges.

7. It is an open ecosystem with best-in-class software stack.

Your individualized SensorApps are created on the basis of our intelligent software tools and algorithms, with HALCON, OpenCV, and the SICK Algorithm library available for your programming needs.

8. It allows you to create standardization across your development teams.

Now you can standardize on a hardware platform and create multiple apps for different applications using the same hardware. Once complete, it’s easy to share your app or code across your development teams. You can also store or publish your apps on SICK AppPool, a cloud repository with complete IP protection.

9. You can join the SICK AppSpace Developers Conference.

All SICK AppSpace members have the opportunity to shape the future of SICK AppSpace by participating in a global annual conference that brings together the best developers across the world to share new ideas. At this conference, you’ll get firsthand knowledge of the latest developments and also an opportunity to display all your unique ideas to the AppSpace developer community.

10. You can start now with a risk-free introduction.

Start today with a 90-day free trial license to see if AppSpace works well for you. You’ll get access to all our free Demo Apps from SICK AppPool.

Solutions, driven by SICK AppSpace, help you take a significant step towards the future and Industry 4.0. SICK AppSpace enables you to create completely new and adaptive solutions for automation applications for quality control, positioning, robot guidance, or track and trace.

Want to learn more about SICK AppSpace? Contact a SICK Representative today!